underage person

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Umar remarked that case had been mentioned in court and adjourned to the 15th, March 2018 to enable police to conclude their investigations, while the 65 suspects were ordered to be remanded in prison custody with the exception of one Theophilus Saidu who is an underage person.
Kenya's new Marriage Bill outlaws marriage below the age of 18 and imposes stiff penalties on anyone who gets engaged or betrothed to an underage person.
The mum, of Neath, South Wales, added: "The supervisor said the cashier witnessed an underage person touch the bottle so was unable to serve me.
Our Mission in the Central African Republic today issued a press release in which they announce they had received information of allegations of sexual abuse on an underage person involving one of the Mission's soldiers in the Eastern part of the country.
Vermette was on probation for 11 counts of breaking and entering vehicles during the nighttime, conspiracy, receiving stolen property valued at more than $250, being an underage person in possession of liquor, larceny from a building, vandalism, larceny valued at more than $250, two counts of larceny under $250, breaking and entering a building during the daytime and breaking and entering a building during the nighttime.
AN off-licence in Gateshead has had its alcohol licence revoked after being caught selling alcohol to an underage person.
Emphasising that the law was there to protect children under 16 from sex abuse, Lord Thomas said: "We agree with the submission of the attorney general that an underage person who is encouraging sexual relations needs more protection, not less.
WHEN an adult attempts to buy an age restricted product such as alcohol, cigarettes, or fireworks on behalf of an underage person, it's known as a proxy sale.
The official said when the working hours of an underage person exceed six hours a day, one or more breaks should be provided.
296) This fairly expansive liability is reasonable in light of the fact that providing alcohol to an underage person creates a foreseeable risk of harm to both the underage drinker and to the general public.
The possibilities of configuration include parameters as age, usage window and temporary limits in which the underage person use devices protected with PaBo accessing the web.
Next, there is a risk of a civil lawsuit if an underage person has been served and injures him or herself or a third party.