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The contract to manufacture the blast-resistant glass wrapping the main tower's first 20 stories was awarded earlier this year to a Chinese firm that underbid U.
Most contractors are out there playing by the rules and those costs are figured into their bid proposals, but those who don't have those costs can underbid any legitimate contractor.
However, if that company's competitor has devised a way, and is cutting faster, he can then underbid his rival and make him less competitive.
Other countries have seen promising acreage passed over or underbid as oil companies reassess projects in the lower price environment.
Because a large reference lab with multiple locations can more effectively spread its testing costs than a lab with only one location, the larger lab may likely underbid the small lab for the same tests--in effect forcing the small lab to accept less payment, even as part of a "winning" bid team.
While Intermet continues to attract new business, he said, it has lost certain jobs where it has been underbid.
48) In deciding that these concepts were indeed not one in the same, the court affirmed a district court's ruling in favor of the defendant in an FCA whistleblower action alleging that it deliberately underbid a cost-plus-award-fee (CPAF) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research contract and then knowingly failed to report anticipated cost overruns in order to obtain award fees under the contract.
On the negative, the Web has become a vast bazaar where brands underbid one another competing for a fickle customer base.
We were getting underbid by 25 to 40 percent," company president Jan Roncelli told Detroit Business reporter Terry Kosdrosky.
Televisa had been expected to acquire Univision but first missed the deadline to submit an offer, and then underbid.
Under the statute, Company A may spend millions developing a technology, then be underbid on winning a contract to sell that technology to the government by company B, which stole it--yet the statute would prevent Company A from successfully suing Company B.