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Framers, she said, often will start underbidding themselves by immediately suggesting other options to make the job less expensive.
The current system may place the entire health organization in jeopardy due to the potential of underbidding its costs which, in turn, may cause a significant revenue drain; conversely, the organization that overbids for contracts will most likely not obtain the patient group.
Gannett is accused of unfairly underbidding for lucrative government ad contracts and of keeping ad rates artificially low until competitors die, then jacking them up.
once again resemble the turn-of-the-century heyday of the preunion American sweatshop: a work force of underskilled women, toiling in fly-by-night factories where labor costs are cut to the bone from underbidding, and where benefits, safety, and health insurance are unheard of.
If you're black, you can't get a job by underbidding a rival white worker and showing you're every bit as good.
Many overly enthusiastic management firms win projects by underbidding the competition.
Underbidding is most likely on contracts where there is direct competition rather than two stage tendering with the practice emerging across contracts in the public and private sectors and that only long-term frameworks, such as some government contracts, were immune to the practice, as price benchmarks were set in advance.
On questions of whether the project was resistant to underbidding and cost overruns, Mr.
It wasn't a case of underbidding the former managers - each contract-holder gets paid a set percentage of moorage fees collected at the marina he or she oversees.
The International Federation of Accountants has revised its Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants to include information on the disclosure of confidential information, underbidding competitors and employing nonaccountants.