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resulting in an] everlasting writhing mass of underbred people trying to get ahead of one another .
Whitney/Corr-Pak is expanding on its Basics line with Bed Basics, an exclusive, patent-pending, double-folded attached lid for underbred storage and Bin Basics, which is a stacking, open-bin corrugated system.
140) - is more telling than Willis's concentration of Virginia's expressions of distaste for Joyce's work: it was an 'illiterate, underbred book' by a 'self-taught working man', and by the end of 'Hades' she was 'puzzled, bored, irritated, & disillusioned as by a queasy undergraduate scratching his pimples' (p.
They plainly did not know how to treat me, but behaved like persons who are underbred.
Spring rolls, egg rolls, lumpia--all these pastry-wrapped Oriental delicacies make our native equivalents (such as the corn dog) seem loutish and underbred.
It is predictable, therefore, that later Lady Eastlake attacks deficient class standing in a "real" governess with similar vigor: "Farmers and tradespeople are now educating their daughters for governesses as a mode of advancing them a step in life, and thus a number of underbred young women have crept into the profession who have brought down the value of salaries and interfered with the rights of those whose birth and misfortunes leave them no other refuge.