undercover agent

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com/news/world-us-canada-42462463) BBC reported that Jameson also revealed that he was quite familiar with the said area and went as far as to send several pictures and maps of it to the undercover agents.
At the Internal Revenue Service, dozens of undercover agents chase suspected tax evaders worldwide, by posing as tax preparers or accountants or drug dealers or yacht buyers, court records show.
The former undercover agent is from the Arab-majority city of Ahvaz, the capital of the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan, which is the home of the Canada-based Ahwaz Arab Renaissance Party (AARP) advocating resistance to the Iranian government.
According to the indictment, in March, Monsieur met with the undercover agent in Paris, where Monsieur again requested engines and parts for the F-5 fighter jet.
After negotiating with an undercover agent for a cheaper price for sex with two minor girls, Bob was arrested and later convicted under the commonly called Sex Tourism Statute that criminalizes the recruitment, enticement, harboring, or transporting of a minor to engage in prostitution in the United States.
Batiste met the undercover agent, who was posing as an al-Qaeda fanatic, and asked for boots, uniforms, machine guns, radios, vehicles and pounds 30,000 in cash.
Virtually all governments use undercover agents and informants in their police and intelligence agencies.
An undercover agent carrying weapons was able to pass through security checks for 10 domestic flights in France, it has been claimed.
Hemant Lakhani (68) of Hendon, north London, also denied charges that he told an undercover agent posing as a terrorist that he could obtain a radioactive 'dirty bomb'.
Interestingly, according to the October 27, 2003, Long Island, New York, Newsday, the top White House aides who identified an American undercover agent may have committed an act of domestic terrorism as defined in the Patriot Act.
The undercover agent, who cannot be named for reasons of personal security, says he has now contacted the Irish Government to ask if they were aware of, or had given permission for, British intelligence to carry out any such exercises in its jurisdiction.