undercover work

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The IRS did not respond to multiple JofA requests for the number of CPAs it employs, much less the total doing undercover work.
But the broadened scope of undercover work, which can target specific individuals or categories of possible suspects, also raises concerns about civil liberties abuses and entrapment of unwitting targets.
Ian believes cutbacks have made undercover work a low priority and warns that lives are being endangered because police now wait for a crime to be committed before acting.
At the Herald, Jones used a broad spectrum of methods: confidential sources, paper trails, and undercover work to expose public corruption and organized crime.
His undercover work with the FBI during the ADM scandal was the inspiration for the major motion picture, The Informant, starring Matt Damm as Mark Whitacre.
This disgraceful political undercover work by the police has been going on since Margaret Thatcher won power in 1979.
interest in regulating undercover work. And though a few legal doctrines
Telling of the personal toll Lijoi's undercover work took on his family life in the name of justice, "Street Business" is an enthralling story of real life action heroes.
Trevor Pearce, head of enforcement at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca), said prices per kilo had jumped from pounds 39,000 last year to more than pounds 45,000 as a result of undercover work and seizure operations.
Bond babe Gemma Arterton enjoys her undercover work
Specifically, the assessor and counselor provide the candidate with information regarding the qualities and traits that distinguish effective UCEs, the stressors that they commonly face, the possible pitfalls of undercover work, and the skills and abilities critical to success in undercover roles.
As they do their undercover work, more bombings occur that affect them personally and a tragedy strikes close to home.