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Figure 1C is a "no-frills," reverse-tapered (also called back-drafted or re-entrant-angled), undercut design.
It was deduced that the most appropriate alginate product for deep sulci and undercuts was Cavex CA37(r).
It will have the powers needed to investigate abuse and be tasked with increasing the number of prosecutions and fines against bad employers and gangmasters who exploit workers to undercut conditions.
Rita Ora's undercut is the one people are coming into the salon to ask for.
To produce undercut mouldings, a split-type lower mould part with movable segments is used.
When the sleek new model arrives here in January, Renault says the entry model will undercut the equivalent BMW 325i SE Coupe by pounds 6,805 while offering pounds 1,000 more equipment.
It undercuts rivals like the Ford C-Max and VW Touran by thousands, is just as solidly built, and Kia's have a good record for reliability.
Features include undercuts around the perimeter of the parts as well as the central bore area for assembly and to attach components.
Since deconstruction undercuts demolition prices, few demolition companies are willing to assist the deconstruction process, he says.
Going to war for faulty reasons undercuts everything that follows, especially when those who made the mistakes stubbornly refuse to acknowledge them.
Main and pin journals, cheek faces, cheek outer diameters, cheek profiles, and undercuts can be machined.