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'Only about 20% ofthe tour operators maybeengaging in undercutting,'he said.The Director Generalsaid the daily minimumpackage of US$ 250 is in factcheap for tourists, whichinclude expenses for three star hotel accommodation,transport, food and tourguide.The Prime Minister alsosaid that tourism is a flagshipprogram in the 12th planand the government plansto make Bhutan a touristdestination year round.However, Lyonchhensaid that the flagshipprogram is yet to beapproved.Currently TCB is workingon the flagship program.'The new tourism policywill redefine high value,low impact policy.
Delivery of 1 set of undercutting machines (left and right) for plaser, series 08 32, assembly and adjustment control and commissioning, including: 1.
'This type of undercutting has historically been attributed to streamflow," Wilson says.
But it isn't just bad for those people directly affected, it drives down standards for everybody else, undercutting local workers, and making life harder for responsible employers.
Labour is the only party that will tackle the undercutting of wages and jobs.
Now he must battle the Europeans, along with China and Russia, on the sanctions issue undercutting the united front needed to curb Iran in the region.
State-run fuel retailers will revise petrol and diesel prices daily in five cities - Chandigarh, Udaipur, Vizag, Puducherry and Jamshedpur - from May 1 as a pilot run before a countrywide rollout to counter undercutting by private retailers.
7) developed 3.3-mm (0.13-in) undercutting; the low-VOC solvent-based modified inorganic zinc (code no.
The staves work best, in harmony with his Barbizon-like landscapes, while the neon and metal excrescences read more as overt disclaimers, undercutting the focused drama of their brown-grisaille worlds.
The report of the meeting in the Institution's Journal for October 1951 explains that Tubbs stated that `there were three reasons for the undercutting apron and the eccentricity.