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Adolescents were significantly more likely to underestimate their own weight if their parents also underestimated their weight, compared with adolescents whose parents accurately estimated their weight (66% vs.
"Previous studies have shown that parents and adolescents often underestimate weight status, [but] we were surprised that in this population, where the adolescents were generally very overweight and already had type 2 diabetes, underestimation of weight status was still very common," Dr.
Errors by those who first viewed uncalibrated drapes ranged from a 16% underestimate of the 300-mL blood volume to a 41% underestimate of the 2000-mL volume.
Consumers tend to underestimate the amount of calories in restaurant food by almost half, and do a similarly inaccurate job at estimating fat and saturated fat content, according to a September AJPH study of about 200 adult diners.
"However, people do drastically underestimate the risk they will become a victim of ID theft so there is still a lot of work to do educating people of those risks and the tell tale signs that your identity might have been compromised."
Middlesbrough boss Steve McClaren has insisted he did not underestimate Greek outfit Skoda Xanthi after seeing his side edge their way towards the UEFA Cup group stage.
Sarah Wroth, who joined Boston Ballet in 2003, thinks that dancers sometimes underestimate the level of responsibility in the corps.
As noted in section 3.8 of the online mathematical model, our 85% vaccine coverage of reoccupants may be a considerable underestimate. No age groups are being left behind in the plans for the next-generation anthrax vaccine, and persons with weak immune systems may achieve partial protection.
Quotes of 5-6 underestimate the home side's chance of winning while they massively overestimate the threat posed by the stuttering Newcastle.
"The political masters" did not underestimate the reaction to the war in boosting Osama's influence.
Rather, more recent high-resolution CT scanning results suggest that our estimates of pleural abnormalities in this population may be conservative and may actually underestimate the true prevalence of these abnormalities seen on chest radiographs.
As the pace increased, they became more accurate at measuring steps taken (most were within + or - 1%), but began to underestimate distance.