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Education of consumers through calorie menu labelling and other outreach efforts might reduce the large degree of underestimation.
Equally important is the underestimation of invasive disease, when only DCIS is found at core biopsy.
But the policy ''is the result of an underestimation of the financial risks, as well as the social and environmental risks associated with nuclear energy in relation to nuclear proliferation, accidents, radioactive waste, worker exposures to radiation and other issues,'' the NGOs, including the Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, said.
The FSB believes this is a gross underestimation and is urging the Government to publish an impact assessment immediately.
It was said at the time that there were "billions" of combinations, but in the event this turned out to be an underestimation, a major underestimation.
But he stresses again that he cannot regret the decision to go to war, although he does admit a failure to prepare for the chaotic aftermath which was because of a genuine underestimation of the strength of Al Qaida.
Based on what exploded onto the stage that evening the rumour was an underestimation.
The main contributors to the rapid growth of FX lending in CIS and CEE were the attractive interest rate differentials between loans denominated in local and foreign currencies, availability of cheap foreign funding and underestimation of credit risk associated with FX lending.
6 days, but the investigators consider this underestimation "unlikely to be clinically meaningful.
The final debacle was the perceived underestimation and mishandling of the American economic crisis that broke out in the final months of his administration.
An education charity now reckons British kids will spend pounds 132m a week over the holidays which, considering the amount of over-priced rubbish pushed at our kids, sounds like a gross underestimation.
Road traffic injury is a leading cause of death and disability in China, but official road traffic casualty statistics are widely believed to be an underestimation of the true toll.