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The A1c 2.2 Plus method resolved Hb [A.sub.1c] from Hb [E.sub.1c] but did not resolve Hb A from Hb E, with consequent underestimation of gHb.
That he could have slipped away from the bar and travelled the '50 metres' to the scene of the armed robbery - a distance which anyone who has visited the area knows is a vast underestimation.
BOOKMAKERS' consistent underestimation of the merits of Crewe Alexandra makes Dario Gradi's side a value bet to put an end to Manchester City's winning run.
It is important to remember that the official figures are almost certainly an underestimation of the real situation.
Oppenheimer and his associates studied the floatation technique, they found that it can result in both over- and underestimation of the amount of medication in metered-dose-inhalers (MDIs) containing both the old chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and the newer non-CFC propellants.
The study concluded that underestimation of the current range and depth of workers' knowledge and skills by union leaders represents a significant barrier to further growth of the labor movement.
The union said a clear underestimation of the valuable function of incinerators to farmers by the consultants working for the Department of Environment had allowed an EU directive to reach such an advanced stage of approval.
This report written in English should include: - Task 1: A clear overview of the available data on MSDs prevalence and incidence at both national and EU level, including the following elements: o Who are the workers exposed (sectors of activity, gender, age, company size, contract types) o Which are the main risk factors o What are the main types of MSDs o Which EU countries have MSDs recognized as occupational diseases o What is known about the underestimation of MSDs leading to injury or disease - Task 2: An analysis of the different methodologies available to assess the direct and indirect costs of MSDs in the EU including the following elements: o Advantages and limitations of each method.
Simply out of underestimation, for gaining some profit or special benefit for a certain person or entity, all at the expense of the public money.
Both underestimation and exaggeration can be costly to the company.
The professor clashed with Oxford over the smoking ban in the main library, his vast ability to consume alcohol, his underestimation of female students and his support for Margaret Thatcher.
"Despite attempts to raise public awareness of the obesity problem, our findings indicate that underestimation of child higher weight status is very common," said lead researcher Abrar Alshahrani.