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Thus, with potential undergoer arguments, where we have conjoined NPs alternating with NP with NP, the generalization would be that if an argument, which would otherwise appear as a macrorole, does not, it is marked by with.
Agent) and which one represents the undergoer (or non-Agent, i.
The conceptual structure of (27) involves a subrole of the undergoer, male factive (marked with the notation UN-, see Nikanne 2002 : 2005), because the influence of the stimulus has a negative effect on the SAR (LIISA).
The prototypical predication is the nuclear predication at RL, where qualified relations (Agent, Undergoer, etc.
If the verb has no activity predicate in its LS, the macrorole is undergoer.
Thus, in a middle body-action example like "John shaved," there is no conceptual or formal differentiation of the actor (John) and the undergoer (John's face).
In the a text, we get the weak version that all that is required is that there be an agent as well as an undergoer of change, and this suggests no more than the discrimination of the movent and moved, which is found explicitly at the end of the reductio.
an undergoer (the flowers), occurs in a given place / location.
In na-V se constructions indicating a large quantity, the prefixed verb accompanied by the reflexive se can trigger an undergoer in the genitive (e.
The Item or the undergoer of expansion is lexicalized by the NP amount and the by-headed NP represents the Means by which the expansion is carried out).
kin "the beer" in (2a) functioning as actor or undergoer respectively.