underground activity

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He said that during his tenure the department had installed 'gauges' in the tomb on professionals' recommendations to measure changes in the size of the cracks due to earthquake or other underground activity.
Olive and Cliff find themselves billeted in the lighthouse with Ephraim, a man of few words, who is obviously involved in some sort of underground activity with others in the village.
History has demonstrated CRA's interest in this type of unreported income and underground activity.
The research reveals attackers have stepped up their games when it comes to attack vectors, cyberespionage efforts and cyber underground activity on a global basis.
This history of cockfighting, too, shows how something now regarded as an underground activity had wide social support in the eighteenth century.
government's early analysis of underground activity in North Korea "is not consistent" with that country's claim of having conducted a successful hydrogen bomb test, according to AP.
To distinguish it from the scary, criminal and underground activity that hacking's original meaning denotes, hackathons are competitions for developers and designers, generally limited to 24 or 48 hours, in which they have to create a prototype of a web app or platform.
Days of Rage relies not only on historical research, but on interviews with some of the principal activists, living in obscurity but still defiant about their underground activity.
The project focuses, for one, on the artistic exploration of totalitarian or real-socialist practices, rituals, and gestures, but also on artistic ways of action developed in the course of underground activity.
With the informal economy worth an estimated $360 billion, new policies aim to add all of this underground activity to Egypt's recorded output.
But a hard core remains and the practice of egg collecting, or "egging", continues as an underground activity in the UK.
Underground activity comprises 20 to 40 percent of most urban economies, Venkatesh reports, but that doesn't mean it's identical from city to city.