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He now returned to his old opinions, and became the leader of the liberal party in Alencon, the invisible manipulator of elections, and did immense harm to the Restoration by the cleverness of his underhand proceedings and the perfidy of his outward behavior.
You see, we've learned to conceal things nowadays - to smooth them over, to play the part of ordinary citizens to the world while we tug at the underhand levers in our secret moments.
But I paid the less attention to this, for I knew it was usually said by those who have the underhand.
He had never actually had a criminal friend, but he was quite capable of intimacy with even a criminal, provided only that there was something spacious about his brand of crime and that it did not involve anything mean or underhand.
In her hearing, the Sergeant, with his own underhand object in view, had appealed to my interest in Rosanna Spearman.
You have not attempted to take any underhand advantage--you have not spoken to my sister in secret.
Ruling out any underhand deal or National Reconciliation Ordinance for its leadership, Abbasi firmly said that the ruling party would enter the election arena under the leadership of former premier Nawaz Sharif.
For centuries, the primary stroke used in handball was the underhand stroke.
Addressing a conference on Thursday, the Interior Minister had confirmed the stance of PTI that the PPP had an underhand deal with the PML-N government.
But the Tory leader in Wales needs to distance himself from such underhand tactics.
Is it because you're not underhand, And speak in a language we all understand?
Longbridge councillor Ian Cruise announced he had left the party complaining he found the squabbling and underhand deals too much.