underhand dealing

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We categorically rejected the PTI allegations of underhand dealing (Muk Maka), as PPP had never been part of any secret deals in past and will never do in future,' he said.
Each month brings new legal rulings and systems put in place to try and eliminate underhand dealing.
The interesting thing is that many have not even batted an eyelid at such underhand dealing," Mr Briggs said.
A highly publicised campaign to construct a state of the art medical centre becomes Willie's personal crusade, but even this seemingly altruistic act of political will is riddled with underhand dealing.
So when it actually happened he reverted to type, lashing out at a scaffolding of lies, underhand dealing, cover-up, duplicity, dishonesty .
The leaders of five export-oriented industries said that they are against SRO culture because it does not only promote corruption, but also gives a message that some sort of underhand dealing had taken place between FBR officials and beneficiaries.
After weeks of underhand dealing of a very different description tarnishing the game, it would be disappointing were Somerset to board a plane at Newcastle Airport tomorrow evening knowing anything other than honestly-contested cricket had determined their fate.
Nothing appeals to the political anorak - and indeed to most newspaper readers - more than the warring and underhand dealing and savage back-stabbing that characterises Members of Parliament.
Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley hit out: "You can't build a bridge of trust with the scaffolding of lies and underhand dealing.
DOG Days, a tale of underhand dealing on the greyhound race track, which gave Penny's book its title first appeared in the New Welsh Review.
And real life tellers from the bank will be taking on the fictional role of the bankers to ensure there is no underhand dealing from the gamers taking part.
Meanwhile, the sheer scale of the duplicity and underhand dealing that destroyed England's World Cup dream became apparent last night when it emerged that SEVEN members of FIFA's executive committee had pledged their support.