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A central component of a new regulatory structure should be a boxer's union to protect boxers from underhanded practices.
Bertin further stated that: "This press release by the Bell/Staton group is another example of their underhanded efforts to sabotage Penthouse's attempts to confirm a plan of reorganization beneficial to the General Media creditors and Penthouse stockholders.
Britney secretly made a separate deal with Elizabeth Arden in a sneaky underhanded effort to circumvent and evade its obligations to Brand Sense," RadarOnline.
WITH the start of winter just a few weeks away, please spare a thought for our pensioners, because this sneaky, underhanded Government quite obviously doesn't
The politicians cause all these horrible decisions by their underhanded deals behind closed doors.
It's a sneaky and underhanded attempt by BFI to blackmail the city into a long sweetheart deal,'' said Nikole Bernson in Smith's office.
The Organic Trade Association is outraged to see such underhanded methods used by those unwilling to play by the rules.
is a particularly vicious and underhanded example of Anglo-Saxon hypocrisy.
It is a candid look into the harsh reality of those who are forced to do battle with the underhanded tactics of a mammoth insurance carrier, seeking to avoid paying a claim.
When interviewed over the weekend by a Nevada newspaper, Markus said he doesn't like to use the word prostitution because people are programmed to associate it "with seedy, underhanded dealings, and that is not what I am about".
Wong, 37, who described the incident as unfortunate, said it was an underhanded attempt by certain quarters to smear her reputation.
And all the underhanded Democratic tactics, and all the lying Democratic men (and women) and all the rancid Democratic campaigning could not stop ``we the people'' from rousting them out .