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It doesn't have to resort to dirty and underhanded tactics," Barzaga said.
Meanwhile, PTI Information Secretary, Shafqat Mehmood, dismissed the allegations of underhanded lobbying.
The decision to dispense with the services of Rev Eifion Jones and Rev Gareth Griffiths in such an underhanded way therefore suggests that the LHB has scant regard for the spirit of current thinking around equality and diversity.
Members of the Blanchard clan effortlessly join forces to resist the underhanded machinations of a slimy real-estate shark that one of them had the stupidity to marry--a villain bent on turning their shorefront Montreal neighborhood into soulless condominiums.
30pm This show is very watchable and lifts the lid on a trade that many see as shady and underhanded.
The Plaid Cymru controlled councils have not stooped to such levels and it has to be said that even Tory-controlled Monmouthshire has not resorted to such underhanded tactics.
I believe that the reason progressives on the board have been targeted by underhanded political tactics is because we want to bring change from the corporate model of land use in Lane County to a sustainable model.
STEPHEN FERRIS was left fuming after New Zealand's cynical stars escaped punishment despite their underhanded tactics in a frustrating afternoon for the Irish.
The German nation never gave a free majority vote for the Nazi party's dictatorship--it was foisted on them by a series of underhanded political maneuvers, and once established it was virtually impossible to shake off.
This is unprecedented and the fact the Chancellor never made this clear in his pre-Budget statement makes it look underhanded and shabby.
Opposition leaders said the commission ruling was an underhanded power grab by Mr Ortega, who was first named president after the Sandinista rebels toppled dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979.
Mike, as he was entitled to do, was trying to sabotage this deal and try to get JJB into receivership - which I thought was a little bit underhanded," he said.