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Revolving around Self's attempt to direct his first Hollywood feature, alternately titled Good Money and Bad Money, the narrative climaxes when Self learns that his producer, an American named Fielding Goodney, has all along been underhandedly charging the funding for their movie to Self's account, leaving him destitute at novel's end.
his fiduciary duties to the plaintiff when he underhandedly induced the
At times, Bernhard's choice of vocabulary unfortunately reinforces this characterization of Indians as underhandedly conniving: Powhatan was a "crafty ruler" and "devious," while Smith was a "shrewd young captain" (p.
"Right now, women in vast swaths of Texas are being turned away at clinic doors because of a bogus law that attempts to do underhandedly what states cannot do directly - block women from accessing abortion services," said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights.
One of the hallmark moments of his time at the helm was his cancellation of a $10m contract over conflict of interest concerns because of the access a contractor had to sensitive government information that could underhandedly advance the financial interests of its parent company.
The Bin Laden raid, per the conclusions of the Pakistani commission, told of a sorry state of affairs that afflicted all aspects of government and military, and how it was underhandedly used by the US to carry out its own policy agendas, even at the expense of a supposed ally.
It was forbidden and you had to do it underhandedly, in the schoolyard.
This has been expressively described by the Hungarian writer Sandor Marai: "with Bolsheviks taking control of the society totally, permanently and underhandedly, it became impossible to take up arms against the regime that was under the protection of [Soviet] Russian tanks and machine guns on the territory of the country.
Lincoln and Secretary of State, William Seward, were uncomfortable with offering direct monetary bribes to buy the necessary votes, but instead authorized agents to underhandedly contact Democratic congressmen with offers of federal jobs in exchange for their support.
(74) Advocates of this theory see behavioral economics as a liberal-minded tool used to legitimize increased market regulation and they would likely condemn justices as trying to underhandedly implement their own ideological views.
this backdrop, Govinda befriends those whom he requires for peace in the region and even underhandedly decides who'll end up marrying Panchali.