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Is there a sense of healthy and beneficial competitiveness or is there back-stabbing and underhandedness? Competition can be a great motivator but if envy exists in your business, it can destroy employee engagement and productivity, reports Bruna Martinuzzi of Mind Tools.
Violetta was not about to reject Don Viejo's plans even though they were drenched in plotting, underhandedness, and did not follow the natural state of things.
There was no perception of underhandedness in the outcome, as the spoof game had taken place on the run to the three-furlong marker in full view of the TV cameras.
Conflict situations are typically difficult, especially when sharply opposing views exist where at least one party practices unethical, self-serving, and political underhandedness. Self sacrifice and not compromising one's principles are never easy, especially when dealing with evil-minded people.
Whether Jumblatt succeeds or not in containing the uproar over his leaked tape, with his expressions of bitterness at the "media underhandedness" which misquoted some excerpts from the Druze leader's statements, it is certain that the gloating at the March 14 camp, which is what General Michel Aoun is doing these days, is but an aspect of the disappointment among this camp's supporters who are following Jumblatt's rounds of "self-criticism" which come around whenever he wants to warn from the repercussions of the regional and international shifts.
The court, after reviewing facts showing the underhandedness of many of Margery's and Bud's dealings, and Shasta's and Heritage's failure to heed the concomitant warning signs, began its estoppel discussion with two surprising, irrelevant sentences:
Moll does not ordinarily depend on circular logic, manipulation, backbiting, subterfuges, or underhandedness to alter situations, to capture a husband, or to command a crowd.
Evidence of the persistence of underhandedness and viciousness can be gleaned from a look back at, say, campaign 1800; confirmation of the inevitability of ambition and the partisan spirit in democratic politics can be found in a glance at the analysis in the opening pages of The Federalist of the interplay among interest, passion, and reason in public affairs.
There seems nothing to choose between the underhandedness of the National Assembly and the BNP in this case.
But I console myself that how much he worked, works, and will work is against himself, because wickedness, betrayal, underhandedness, and almost-almost informing must be a tower in Babylon, which divine anger knocked down." (45) This comparison of the malsin to Judas equates an informer with a traitor, showing the evil of betrayal, no matter whether the object of such treachery is Christ or someone accused of heresy.
(5) The words of McHugh J in Western Australia v Ward (cited above) intimate, perhaps unintentionally, a degree of underhandedness in native title, because in card-playing terminology, 'stacking the deck' is in fact cheating.
It is this financial underhandedness which underlies the relationship between the merchants/marketers and the video film professionals that form the source of disagreements in the industry and may yet be its undoing.