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Conflict situations are typically difficult, especially when sharply opposing views exist where at least one party practices unethical, self-serving, and political underhandedness.
Moll does not ordinarily depend on circular logic, manipulation, backbiting, subterfuges, or underhandedness to alter situations, to capture a husband, or to command a crowd.
Evidence of the persistence of underhandedness and viciousness can be gleaned from a look back at, say, campaign 1800; confirmation of the inevitability of ambition and the partisan spirit in democratic politics can be found in a glance at the analysis in the opening pages of The Federalist of the interplay among interest, passion, and reason in public affairs.
There seems nothing to choose between the underhandedness of the National Assembly and the BNP in this case.
Rachel is shocked to learn of her husband's duplicity and underhandedness, which she associates with the Jewishness of the more infamous traders.
The political in-fighting described in the first two-thirds of the book primarily revolves around Hundt's struggle to pass the Telecommunications Act of 1996 -- and, in some twisted way, the sheer underhandedness of it all is fascinating.