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But if, instead, the diversity of cospecific organisms is underived, then the unity each has as, for example, a human being or horse remains a fundamental type of unity itself.
The number of derived terms by far outnumbers the underived ones; though the variability of their affixes is somewhat limited.
Inflected adjunct + underived base: Cristesmaesse 'Christmas' [[{Crist}N{Cristes}N]N[maesse]N]N
bar] 'to be'--or a form from lists of underived stems, pronominal forms, etc.
The number of derived terms by far out-numbers the underived ones; though the variability of their affixes is somewhat limited.
A more precise formulation (in the RRG terminology) would be that the causee retains some properties of the highest macrorole argument of the underived verb.
It helped that he found the modern natural rights philosophy atheistical, arguing that it "affects to treat men as though their existence were underived, and independent of any supreme being.
In addition, syllabification is partially conditioned by morphology, such that the same clusters that are tautosyllabic in underived words remain hetero-syllabic when they belong to different morphemes.
If we imagine ourselves as planetary subjects rather than global agents, planter creatures rather than global entities, alterity remains underived from us; it is not our dialectical negation, it contains us as much as it flings us away.
The natural law theorists assume the individual as ultimate and as an underived and irreducible unit of the social order.
However, this is not the same thing as positing an identity between thought and being, which would be to smuggle in underived determinacies without justification (e.
is the highest, legally independent, underived power.