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Satin-stitch width is one factor that will determine how much underlay is needed.
Examine pre-digitized embroidery lettering to see good examples of underlay for satin stitches.
It turned out they wanted 200 rolls of underlay to cover a large water tank on the 007 sound stage to deaden the echo of the tank."
In the past 18 months, Texfelt has provided underlay for sound insulation or special effects use on films including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jason Bourne, The Kingsman, The Snow Queen and the forthcoming film version of video game Assassin's Creed.
OBSERVATION: The results of 15 cases each of underlay technique and overlay technique of myringo plasties were assessed for patients' statistics, surgical results, anatomical results and functional results.
5 Start from a corner and roll out the underlay flush along the length of the carpet grip.
Although retailers may be slashing rug prices, "they never mark down underlay, which is one reason why business is so good," Wyman said.
This illustrates the benefits of reformulating such carpet underlay grades towards lower TDI indexes but highlights some associated problems.
Because this is a larger font, it needs underlay to prevent the fabric from tunneling or puckering.
"Underlay is important in that it's an add-on sale, and it has a no-nonsense profit margin; because it never needs to be discounted or put on sale," said Joe Lowie, merchandise flow analyst for Sears Canada of Toronto, which has area rug departments in about 60 of its 100 stores, and also sells the products through its catalogs.
"Our salesmen are very consistent about encouraging customers to purchase underlay," Murse said.
"While we used to have to suggest buying underlay, my customers are becoming more educated and ask for underlay when they buy their area rugs, said Bob Batt, vice president and area rugs buyer for the Nebraska Furniture Mart.