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I've trained and conditioned my staff to mention advantages of underlay to every customer, and they do it automatically," he said.
that sells underlay to about 50 percent of its area rug customers, training is "really important," according to Candace Anderson, sales consultant.
Mahoney of Rhodes said she's a "firm believer" in the value of underlay, and in presenting it to customers.
Still others believe the correct time to talk underlay is in the middle of the sale.
Rug-Hold already had protective underlay that would serve the purpose, but it was made of rubber and more than twice as costly as the new, Teflon-coated products.
A 6-by-9-foot piece of our Teflon-coated underlay would retail for about $40--compared to about $90 for our older product," he said.
Although Jade Industries had long offered a high-end underlay designed for layering, the company introduced a more economical and functional version about 2 1/2 years ago.
Today, there's a tremendous growth in lower-priced, machine-made rugs--and we needed to provide the underlay to go with them.
Platner, Wyman and a number of other leading underlay firms, including No-Muv, Constance & Co.
Underlay keeps the rug flat and in position," he explained.
In addition to keeping a rug in place, moderately thick underlay prevents the pile of tufted rugs from flattening out; when pile flattens out, the rug can lose its sheen.
There are many types of underlay, but it generally falls into two broad categories: underlay that is used on smooth floors and underlay that is used on top of broadloom carpet.