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Our decision to raise capital in the Middle East underlines our growing commitment to the region as we expand our operations and further strengthen our commercial links with a growing number of business participants.
Having previously worked in the legal and recruitment sectors for more than five years as a personal assistant, Mrs Smith launched Underline Transcription following a career break to have children.
Customary procedure is to underline the last amount preceding a subtotal.
Chief executive Sampson Hu said: "It is an exciting time for the company and our expansion to the Far East underlines our ambitions.
For 35 years, Ennahdha movement has incessantly developed", underlines the party.
In an interview with CNA, Zeitz said that this is the first visit of a leader of the German government to the Republic of Cyprus, which underlines the importance of Cyprus for Germany.
All Microsoft did was give you the option: full time underlines or only when you press the Alt key.
Timerman Underlines importance of President al-Assad's historic visit to Argentina Bilal confired with Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman the friendly relations binding the two countries, as Timerman underlined the importance of the historic visit paid by President al-Assad to Argentina last year and its positive outcomes on the political, economic and social levels.