underlying principle

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Pavlova said that the most important underlying principle in the program will be that whoever uses the roads the most will also be responsible for their repair.
Life is a journey, and journeys are made up of stories and experiences that define you this is the underlying principle for Lifelog, the Android app at the heart of our SmartWear Experience.
Albert Einstein] discovered general relativity by trusting an underlying principle, and that made him a "fanatic believer" that comparable methods would eventually lead to a unified field theory.
Applying the underlying principle proposed by the boards, a company would recognize revenue when it satisfies a performance obligation by transferring goods and services to a customer as contractually agreed.
The underlying principle of traffic management at the show is that traffic will be directed to park off their approach road," said chief executive David Walters.
The task of interpretation is to look to original meaning and underlying principle and decide how best to apply them in current circumstances.
The tests show that the pump's underlying principle, "which has been known for decades, can be applied at the chip level," comments thermal engineer David A.
1) The underlying principle behind Young's procedure is that prevention of airflow through the nasal passages will prevent mucosal desiccation and crusting.
The underlying principle of the platform is to enable the identification of compounds with the most optimal safety or bioavailability profiles as early in the drug development process as possible.
Another underlying principle of feng shui is that change is inevitable and that practicing feng shui requires that one, as Chin says, "maintain a watchful eye.
Despite the obvious differences between the first-century context and ours, an underlying principle is important for contemporary mission.
The underlying principle is one person, one vote, so every district must be the exact same size," explains David Bositis, a senior political analyst at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington, D.