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It could then undermine deposit-taking by banks and their business models, the official added.
'Leaders should not use the handshake to abuse or undermine the work of the Deputy President.
If one sets aside the Russian effort to disrupt the 2016 election, the statements of Abrams and her supporters after the Georgia election stand as some of the most powerful efforts to undermine confidence in the American democratic system in recent years.
'People of Pakistan are shocked at the irresponsibility of PTI government, which is trying to undermine Pakistan-China strategic partnership, by speaking in the voice of our enemies on CPEC!
The post EPP MEPs say Golden Visas undermine fight against dirt money appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
'Morale of the police is not undermined when an action is taken against officers over illegality but unnecessary criticism certainly undermines it,' he said.
"Bahrain has been for the past seven years under an intensive campaign to undermine its progress and national unity but the government has managed to end numerous conspiracies against it and we are working effortlessly day and night to be in line with what goes on across the world in relation to the country," he added.
I came here because of that invitation and not to undermine the judiciary,' Martires said.
Government will continue to target those who undermine the peace, security, and stability of Libya," said John E.
"Their actions seriously undermine the democratic process and I think there are serious consequences for democracy because of the actions taken by the Human Rights Commission.
The Leadership said in its statement that the current developments in the region did not undermine the will of the March Revolution, adding that Syria is confronting the biggest aggression perpetrated by all the colonization forces in the world.
Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari (photo) said the Caspian is a sea of peace and friendship and the Azeri missile purchase threatens to undermine that.