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The new programme of projects will underpin future growth including site acquisitions, major new planning wins and partnerships.
The company required a consolidated, reliable enterprise storage solution to underpin its virtual environment.
SWFs can be classed into two main categories, each of which underpins sovereign support in different ways.
The aim of this book is to present the scientific and technical principles that underpin the industry and which are used increasingly by industrialists and academics working with flavours.
Despite a cyclical slowdown in economic activity and a decrease in prices of key commodity exports, diversification of tax revenues has helped underpin fiscal health.
THE UK's shared defence forces provide the "security and peace of mind" which underpin almost every area of the debate on Scottish independence, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has said.
The platform will underpin the vast majority of the company's new vehicles and is designed to be equipped with a transversally mounted engine.
The bank said higher oil prices "will support fiscal conditions in Abu Dhabi and underpin the non-oil project spending pipeline.
Go Penguins, commissioned by Liverpool city council, is part of A Winter's Trail which will see several major cultural organisations staging their own penguin related events to underpin Liverpool's Christmas celebrations.
Halifax said that low interest rates and unemployment levels continued to underpin a strong housing market.
In this amazingly comprehensive text, Rodgers examines the natural processes that underpin our sexuality and unearths the roots of people's sexual nature and primal urges.
It continues to underpin many programs concerned with primary-secondary transfer, ranging from individual and school cluster initiatives to wider research programs (cf.