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There are different types of underpinning methods that are used in different situations, but basically the idea is to extend the foundation deeper until it reaches a more supportive soil layer, or increase its breadth so that the weight of the house is distributed more evenly.
7 years, is likely to remain high, underpinning the sovereign's relatively low financing needs which Moody's forecasts will average 1% of GDP over the next three years.
Culture Secretary Maria Miller has said that it was "absolutely clear there is no statutory underpinning for the approach we are taking".
Bernie Hunt, Kensington " The inference of these two statements is that legislative underpinning of the new Independent Press Regulator will affect the freedom of the press, especially the majority of quality national and local newspapers with corresponding high journalistic standards.
This set of three DVDs takes a serious look at rhythm and pulse as the underpinning for musical expression.
1 (CON1)--issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in 1978--that forms the underpinning for FASB's Conceptual Framework (CF), reads: "Financial reporting is not an end in itself, but is intended to provide information that is useful in making business and economic decisions.
They also investigate the assumptions underpinning the regulation of sex and sexual relationships within contemporary British society.
In order for us to decide where we fall on the spectrum of solutions, we first need to understand the underpinning issues affecting this debate.
It is also viewed as underpinning an effective European single market, with the Commission stressing: "Contract law underpins all internal market transactions in Europe".
Yet the causes of war as opposed to the motivations, justifications, and conceptions underpinning the question of "why they fought," can frequently be two different things.
Advanced learning technologies such as computer conferencing, email and the world wide web are not yet used optimally due in large part to there being no theory underpinning the practice.
Knight: The rise in interest rates in the United States that took place from June to August this year markedly slowed mortgage refinancing and the extraction of equity, which had been a key factor underpinning consumption.