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I am not so sure that what needs addressing are institutional underpinnings as much as individual and behavioural underpinnings.
The newest small Jeep borrows its underpinnings from the C-Segment platform group, including the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass.
This set of three DVDs takes a serious look at rhythm and pulse as the underpinning for musical expression.
Geology Of Southeast Alaska is very highly recommended as 140-page compendium of awe-inspiring sights and area maps of Alaska's great geographical underpinnings.
Seeing Ahead: Underpinnings for What's Next for the Media Industry
The CF would be one of the primary underpinnings in a principles-based approach.
Optical discs from Valco Data Systems and a FormFast electronic and paper form generating and bar coding system--both Meditech compatible vendors--were key underpinnings to the next steps.
5 Architects the architecture of the Wellness Center is itself a metaphor--"a metaphor for wellness that reflects the philosophical underpinnings of the project," said Joe Tattoni, Design Principal.
The anger toward outsourcing among American workers has also revealed racial underpinnings in the national debate.
The underpinnings of our program include intense full-body multi-directional strengthening using both single and multi-joint exercises, with an emphasis on all the lower body muscular compartments, balance, sport-specific conditioning, and constant stress on high risk positions, avoidance techniques, and recovery strategies.
Texas, further eroded the moral underpinnings of our culture by striking down Texas' anti-sodomy law.