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The mystery was his name and his face, both Jewish, indicating a possible sinister underplot.
In addition to his witch roles he made an early appearance sitting on an elephant to deliver an epilogue at May Fair in 1704,(18) and in his disguise as a crocodile when playing Underplot in the Gay, Arbuthnot, and Pope collaboration Three Hours after Marriage (Drury Lane, January 1717), strung out the scene for half an hour with exaggerated comic playing.
Jonsonian Elements in the Comic Underplot of Twelfth Night.
One critic who particularly admires the ingenuity of the author of The Troublesome Raigne in creating the Bastard especially eulogizes the Bastard's role in the opening scene of the play, comparing it to "the thematic elaboration, the dramatic expansion, and the energy conventionally provided by the comically reflective underplot of Tudor drama" (Hamel, p.
The hybrid nature of the plays in the second sequence leads Grene to note that 1 Henry IV"produces not only a comic underplot to the high narrative line, but a third order of dramatic representation poised somewhere between comedy and history" (208).