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Use of Both Ripe and underripe fruit is used for mango jam.
Some wineries use sorting tables as the fruit leaves the hopper to examine the fruit and cull out clusters that are underripe or have rot.
But the fresh figs that were served with it were underripe, too cold and had not been properly trimmed, with the hard stalks still attached.
Ketchup topping a fatty food may net more lycopene, a fat-soluble nutrient that makes tomatoes red, than an anemic-looking, underripe hothouse tomato sliced on lettuce and eaten with fat-free salad dressing.
Store In a fruit bowl, as underripe tomatoes won't ripen properly in the fridge and lose their flavour.
Pick early varieties of apples and pears when slightly underripe
An engineer next to me picked at a plate of underripe melon and shook his head in awe at the long lines of people waiting for coffee.
The Goodland has flavour unexcelled when slightly underripe, but too tart, in my opinion, to enjoy.
Underripe, as it so often is in many of Chile's vineyards, it is bitter, green and as unpleasant as tobacco juice.
Underripe it's like biting into an apple; overripe and the flesh becomes mushy or mealy.
An underripe avocado can be coaxed along by placing it in a paper bag so its natural ethylene gas will help it ripen.
To develop the cantaloupe lexicons, for example, she brought in panelists and presented them with a range of melons, some that were underripe, mature, very mature, and so on.