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New Delhi, July 11 ( ANI ): Congress Party leader Manish Tewari said that the Bhartiya Janta Party is underscoring their undemocratic spirits
The two sides stressed the importance of bolstering joint cooperation, underscoring strong media relations bonding the two countries.
Pakistan also abhorred terrorism in all forms and manifestations while underscoring the need to have resolute determination to defeat the evil forces of terrorism from our region.
Taken together the pandas' names, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, mean reunion - underscoring Chinese hopes that their arrival on the self-governing island will spur unity between the sides, 59 years after they split amid civil war.
What's more, the NIRI analysis reports that average compensation for IR officers at large-cap companies has risen to nearly $225,000 (excluding grants of stock options and restricted stock), underscoring the attractive remuneration available for top talent.
Walter Brueggemann has been a prominent force in underscoring its importance for the whole Christian church.