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If we don't need the money why undersell your asset?
Board member Sherry Cunningham agreed with Nelson about not wanting to undersell the district, adding that in the past when the board has asked for money, community support has been strong.
POSTED AT 5:44PM 17 JULY 2010 AS someone who has lived in Yorkshire for 24 years, I can vouch that the county will never knowingly undersell itself, which was obvious to anyone present for the fanfare which marked the Yorkshire Racing Summer Festival at Ripon this afternoon.
We see this action by the company as an attempt to undersell our members and quite frankly we are staggered by their approach.
But a scrap with Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez fell through because the world champion refused to undersell himself to an American audience.
5 million 12kg cartons to three and four million, Dall's message to retailers was: "Don't undersell a premium variety so prices slip to the point where it simply becomes uneconomic to grow.
I'm not prepared to undersell the Cup," roars Lindsay.