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However, Roker Pier has still produced some good whiting weighing in at up to 1lb, while a few flounders have been landed from the River Wear along with undersized flatfish, codling and coalfish.
Unfortunately it's the same story on South Shields Pier, with mainly undersized fish being taken, and on Roker Pier, there ave been one or two keepable whiting, mainly undersized.
They are all undersized, but then with the addition of Christian and Kobe, we were able to address that.
Shore angling, especially north from Newbiggin, is still giving codling with the majority being undersized.
com) makes upper receivers with the inside diameter of the barrel nut machined slightly undersized for a more snug fit.
On November 5th, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the case, which centers on fisherman John Yates, who threw three undersized grouper overboard from a commercial fishing vessel in 2007, while he was fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
The ECOs, skeptical of the man's supposed good intentions, discovered an undersized summer flounder in his possession as well.
Here, the oversized material is simply removed from the undersized material.
Fishing, selling or transporting undersized fish stocks shall be punishable by a written warning and confiscation of the fish for the first time, a fine of Dh 1,000 and confiscation of fish for the second time and suspension of the boat license for a week and confiscation of undersized fish for the third time.
George Anderson, 55, found the practice of ditching undersized herring and mackerel "repugnant", said defence advocate Mark Moir.
Fisherman Edward Potts illegally landed 188 undersized lobsters in an effort to make ends meet.
A spot-check for undersized hamour at Deira fish market, Carrefour Shindagha, Spinney's on Beach Road, Choithram near Safa Park, Lulu near Mall of the Emirates and Geant supermarket at Ibn Battuta mall found that they all had baby hamour on ice, for sale.