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Given this relationship between data, understandability, and adoption, we propose the following hypothesis:
On the other hand, district and regional managers rated the BSC higher than store managers in the areas of understandability, impact on job performance, financial benefit to the store, adequate training, goal alignment, employee performance, business performance, and shareholder value.
perception of the clarity, understandability, and professionalism of the stories), and how it was related to message sensation value was examined.
The criteria consisted of: text resizing capabilities, screen reader compatibility, readability, navigation, understandability, consistency, reading complexity, errors, number of years of data, cited source information and availability of help information.
For example, the latest version of DOD's corporate business enterprise architecture continues to add content needed to improve its completeness, consistency, understandability, and usability.
Although the mandated uniformity in tabular and narrative disclosure has enhanced the understandability of many elements of companies' executive pay programs, the sheer volume of the disclosures has frustrated many proxy readers.
That's why nutritional labels have to aim for the lowest common denominator in understandability and why the latest labelling initiatives are doomed.
Informed consent documents should be reviewed in depth to see the understandability of the document from a participant's point of view and also its translation into the local languages.
An analysis of a social norms marketing campaign looking at 'print media' as the channel of communication came to a conclusion that salientness, understandability and memorability were important aspects than the positive attitude conveyed by advertisement campaign for reduction in drinking (Russel, Clap & Dejong, 2005).
All articles in the series are reviewed by expert HIV doctors & scientists as well as an HIV positive & negative focus group to ensure both accuracy and understandability.
Among these we consider understandability as of specific importance.
SFAS 87 increased the comparability and understandability of pension accounting by requiring a standardized method for measuring net periodic pension cost and an immediate recognition of a liability when the accumulated benefit obligation exceeds the fair value of plan assets.