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Ultimately, this paper highlights the importance of transparency beyond disclosure since information must meet certain criteria such as relevance, understandability and timeliness of information.
One further consideration around understandability may even be related to the terminology of the word library.
There have been several studies that have examined the readability and understandability of 1C forms, for example Ancker (2004), who examined whether they are readable at all.
However, the understandability characteristic appears to contribute to users' attitude towards using financial statements, as it is approaching significance in our model.
Both frameworks include understandability as a qualitative characteristic.
45), I was taken by the simplicity and understandability of the comparatively new "interpersonal theory of suicide" offered by Thomas Joiner, PhD, a professor of psychology at Florida State University.
He said the tension between understandability and historic theological references was "as sharp as ever" in rites such as baptism involving large numbers of people including parents and godparents who are "unchurched".
For example, in response to concerns about the clarity, meaning, and understandability of the five conclusion categories outlined in its Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual (www.
Research Question 2(a - e): How do Wildcat's managers evaluate the information characteristics of the BSC: (a) accuracy, (b) accessibility, (c) reliability, (d) understandability, and (e) timeliness?
com, a website that specializes in card news and card advertising, analyzed credit card disclosures from 1200 credit card issuers for both readability and understandability.
The perception of the stories focused on the dimensions of clarity, understandability, and professionalism.
The book stresses the use of encapsulation as a method to tremendously improve the understandability of large real world programs.