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exercise in the level of %90 maximal heartbeat, the understandable increase in the serum cortisol levels after exercise has been stated after exercise .
But what is clear and understandable to one party may not be so clear and understandable to the other party.
It's understandable that they haven't yet hollowed out the schoolhouse, but it would be inexcusable to fail to see that they will.
Equally understandable is the Hopkins' belief that, in this instance, the situation could have been handled more delicately and that the public impression was created that they were somehow to blame for Jenna's death.
The Liverpool skipper said: "The stick of the fans is understandable.
Two new requirements have raised the threshold for the adequacy of audit documentation: that workpapers should be understandable to experienced auditors having no connection to the audit and that oral explanations may be used only to explain or clarify written documentation.
The most understandable movement Katie could make would involve a banner and a scud to her beloved's napper.
By then, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was suggesting that the white man had deliberately blown up the levees to destroy New Orleans' black neighborhoods, and two Air America hosts appearing on MSNBC'S The Situation, Chuck D and Rachel Maddow, would not repudiate his charge but merely danced around the issue, suggesting that under these awful circumstances some racial paranoia was justified or at least understandable.
The authors are both professional chemists as well as educators, and here provide easy illustrations of basic chemistry using everyday experience as the foundation for understandable examples.
His legacy lies in his vision, the strict principles by which he conducted his research, and above all, his unmatched talent for translating the physical complexities of the pulp fibres, which form the basis of f our industry, into understandable and useable knowledge.
The author manages to cover these topics while keeping the book understandable for readers with nontechnical backgrounds.
Parables for Life in the 21st Century: Modern Parables You Can Apply in Business and in Your Personal Life is an anthology of twenty-four current stories, each with a readily understandable and relevant moral.