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French media portrayed all this, understandably, as a profound national embarrassment.
Understandably enough, we decided to ignore the bill until we were able to review the journal.
Lewis is understandably upset and his mother Beryl is understandably angry.
Most travellers understandably link Peru with the ancient site of Machu Picchu.
This is a serious situation, people are understandably concerned, but I think it's important that reporting isn't on occasions too over the top.
Understandably so, the GAO has a fiduciary interest and duty to ensure that federal activities and programs are audited, whether by CPAs or government auditors, with independent professional skepticism.
Various interest groups, understandably, want particular economic events or transactions accounted for or reported in a way that suits them best.
Likewise, history, specifically historiography, dominates three of the critical selections, again understandably.
Understandably myths have accrued that still see the geisha as a high-class prostitute with white make-up.
In conveying an image of something that is in itself rather colorless, painting understandably forgoes the use of color.
When a woman learns that she harbors a mutation in one of the so-called breast cancer genes, or BRCA genes, she understandably feels stressed.