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2) A goal is relevant if the understander assumes that achieving
Circus strongwomen are called "understanders," not because of their feminine empathy but their position at the bottom of human pyramids; understanders such as Pudgy Stockton and Dunlap Kaan hoist their husbands over their heads, a feat particularly pleasurable to Amazons.
Some merely partial understanders of the expression would not be in a position to reach such a priori knowledge, but full understanders would.
Previous program understanders have avoided worrying about the size of the search space by either performing top-down searches for a limited number of plans or by performing bottom-up searches with a library containing a limited number of largely domain-independent plans.
In the best of all possible worlds, we would pursue national understanding, and these assessments would tell us whether we are producing a nation of understanders.
But in the wake of Brooks's migration from Harper and Row to Dudley Randall's Broadside Press with Riot (1969), Cornish's publication of Generations with Boston's Beacon Press may have seemed a compromise with what Brooks caned "those professional Negro understanders, some of them so very kind, with special portfolio, special savvy" (Report 85-86).
Heywood notes with approval that "the Sages and Princes of Grecia, who for the refinednesse of their language, were in such reputation through the world, that all other tongues were esteemed barbarous; These that were the first understanders, trained up their youthfull Nobility to bee Actors, debarring the base Mechanicks so worthy imployment" (sigs.

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