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When they want to understate Dubai's achievements, they attribute them to luck," Shaikh Mohammed tweeted on Saturday.
However, some researchers argue that the revision understates the reach of serious mental illnesses in the U.
Calling one a drug and not the other understates the damage done by drinking and might also cause people who have enjoyed marijuana to disregard warnings against more treacherous drugs.
By excluding any child known to have ever had elevated blood-lead levels, the findings may even understate the problem's magnitude, Melman's team reports in the October Environmental Health Perspectives.
To say that Zinn is unique in the panoply of American writer-teacher-activists is to vastly understate his importance.
The disclosure forms will, if anything, understate the amount of taxes each person pays.
Moreover, companies may inadvertently understate property tax costs," he added.
Section 6694(b) imposes a $1,000 preparer penalty for each return reflecting an understatement of tax liability due to a preparer's willful attempt to understate the tax liability or intentional or reckless disregard of the rules or regulations.