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That revelation deepened a crisis at Europe's biggest automaker thatAaAeAeA initial centered on software on up to 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide that VW admitted vastly understated their actual emissions of the smog-causing pollutant nitrogen oxide.
Nokia 3610 fold: Usability meets understated elegance Today, Nokia introduced the compact new Nokia 3610 Fold phone.
Test stores were equipped with RFID readers/antennas at various backroom locations and were provided with a perpetual-inventory adjustment system, dubbed "auto PI," that automatically adjusted understated inventory.
The vocals of Groucutt and Troyer combined superbly with those of Phil Bates who excelled on both lead and acoustic guitars, backed by skilful keyboards and strings arrangements, driven by pulsating drums and the understated violin of Mick Kaminski.
28 (1958), in which the Supreme Court held that the longer statute of limitations period did not apply when a taxpayer in the land development business understated its income from the sale of lots in a subdivision by overstating their basis.
There's a broader range of songs as well, from the understated, pretty "Big Stereo" to the industrial-sounding "Knit a Claw.
In short, O'Toole writes in his understated conclusion, "rail transit is not the urban savior that its advocates claim.
The Serene sleep chair is designed to provide "at-home comfort" in an understated style.
Said has understated the rottenness of the Bush military campaign in Iraq ("A Mask for Pillage," June issue).
A 4-megapixel still digicam capable of producing shots of a maximum resolution of 2,272 x 1,704, the [micro]-20 is an update of the [micro]-10 and is easily distinguishable thanks to the change in lens cover -- from a rather bright blue to a more understated silver.
The appeal of his understated folksy/soul music brought Withers further major hits including Just the Two of Us (1981), which featured a superb duet with saxophonist Grover Washington Jnr, that earned the artists a Grammy in 1982 for best R&B Performance, But his most sublime song remains Lovely Day (1977), which later proved a major hit in the UK.
Previous research understated the rate of economic depreciation, and thus overstated the appropriate recovery periods, because it neglected to account for the substantial expenditures devoted to building improvements after original construction, Deloitte says.