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28 (1958), in which the Supreme Court held that the longer statute of limitations period did not apply when a taxpayer in the land development business understated its income from the sale of lots in a subdivision by overstating their basis.
A 4-megapixel still digicam capable of producing shots of a maximum resolution of 2,272 x 1,704, the [micro]-20 is an update of the [micro]-10 and is easily distinguishable thanks to the change in lens cover -- from a rather bright blue to a more understated silver.
The flirty twinkle in his eyes and smirk on his lips give him the appearance of someone whose quiet, understated demeanor is really just an act and that at any moment he might break out in a "just Jack" sort of way.
The appeal of his understated folksy/soul music brought Withers further major hits including Just the Two of Us (1981), which featured a superb duet with saxophonist Grover Washington Jnr, that earned the artists a Grammy in 1982 for best R&B Performance, But his most sublime song remains Lovely Day (1977), which later proved a major hit in the UK.
Indeed, its understated juxtaposition of the mundane and the profound, particularly in the final sequence when the family car passes a road accident, is intensely powerful.
The quiet, understated black-and-white images of daily life and scenes of musicians like Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis and Elvin Jones were photographed between 1950 and 1962.
Previous research understated the rate of economic depreciation, and thus overstated the appropriate recovery periods, because it neglected to account for the substantial expenditures devoted to building improvements after original construction, Deloitte says.
The IRS determined that R understated its income and is liable for accuracy-related penalties for 1993 and 1994.
Ruwe found that UPS, the world's largest delivery service, understated its tax liability by attempting to transfer its profits to a reinsurer in the form of so-called "excess-value charges" on each package that was insured for delivery.
The estimated amounts of interest are understated by $2.
To the extent that the understated tax liability is attributable to a "false statement" on any group member's corporate tax return, there is no intentional, wilful, or reckless conduct or "indifference as to whether the Act is complied with" within the meaning of the legislation because the tax liability of the group as a whole is not understated.