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For Kleiman, legalizers understate the problems of addiction, mistaking drugs for innocent, ordinary consumer goods; conversely, drug warriors wage an unrealistic, expensive, and doomed cultural holy war against certain kinds of intoxication.
IF ONE SPOUSE INTENTIONALLY misstates income or deductions and understates a couple's joint tax liability, the other spouse may be jointly and severally liable for any resulting taxes, interest and penalties.
noted "the Board's action continues to demonstrate our belief that the current trading range of our stock understates the true value of the Company.
Brittany refuses to go away: We see her birthday party, at which her mom understates, ``Brittany loves the attention.
The FCC's methodology systematically understates the amount of universal service support needed to service high-cost areas.
But it's also possible that "the current projection of depletion" - the government's fancy way of saying that the trust fund is going broke - actually understates the problem.