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A great deal remains to be understood about how to help teachers contextualize inquiry embedded thinking processes such as scaffolding, dialogue, coaching, and development of shared purpose as tools for leadership.
37) Democracies, at least as theories of state power, are best understood not as the rule of the people, but rather as "a most realistic way of exercising vigilant supervision over the authority entrusted to a few.
Generally, it is good practice to go back to the sources to make sure the original questions asked were understood and the reported data is correct.
Each individual is deeply complex and cannot truly be understood in all facets of his or her existence.
They suggested that there are structural processes observed in groups that are best understood by networks.
When the disciples have understood the proper role of the Messiah, they recognize the one who serves them a meal as the risen Jesus.
Many physicians can point to the informed consent document and show that it was provided and signed; yet, verifying a document was signed and ensuring that a patient understood the material are two vastly different acts.
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In undergraduate Differential Equations courses, once slope fields are understood, a graphing calculator (or program such as ODE Architect, etc.
from either the provider or user perspective, or investigate how specific health referents, such as basic genetics and/or environmental risk concepts, are best understood and conveyed; 5) create a conceptual model of "health literacy" or the skill sets that influence the comprehension of relevant health information (e.
Third, even if the dissenting ideas are neither true nor partially true, the commonly accepted interpretation will not be understood unless challenged and debated.
The role of race is often invisible in public debate, the meaning of racial equality is distorted, and racism is usually understood as a matter of individual attitudes, not a system of rules.