undertake responsibility

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will undertake responsibility for end-to-end VSAT installation, as well as hub maintenance and operation in three geographical locations, for a period of five years.
The participants unanimously agreed that there are dangerous crises which could jeopardize the state if all political players do not undertake responsibility in dealing with it.
Your correspondent (Viewpoints, August 3) who thought the Llandaff Society should undertake responsibility for an apparent flood in the ladies public convenience would have done better to contact the council, who would doubtless have dealt with it.
Fifty-year-old Manoj Kumar Mishra and his wife Seema Mishra, 48, undertake responsibility for pet dogs' on behalf of actual dog owners, who require their services, especially when going out of station.
Job description I undertake responsibility for all matters relating to turf management, estate management and race-day preparation for both racecourses
We are ready to undertake responsibility for forming the Cabinet and we are calling on everyone to join us.
Under the [pounds sterling]185 million agreement, Rolls-Royce will undertake responsibility for
On board since November 2001, "Magioorp has found a developer who will undertake responsibility for the project.
In addition, it may be inappropriate for the landlord to undertake responsibility for compliance with the Act if the obligation arises out of the operation by the tenant of its business in the premises.
As Executive Vice President of Finance and Chief Administrative Officer, Rick will work with the rest of the executive team to drive Quorum's continued growth and will undertake responsibility for the financial and administrative functions.
Asked to comment on the fact that, in some countries, the Ministry of Justice undertakes the job of sorting out files of corruption, illegal gain and illegal property, Al Khalili said that the Ministry of Justice works within the structure of a legal system emanating from the Basic Law of the State and that neither the Ministry of Justice, nor any other government unit has a legislative authority to undertake responsibility except within the institutional framework defined for it and within the context of the law and the vision of the Council of Ministers.
Ten children were shortlisted and it was finalised that PWA would undertake responsibility for their education, clothing and monthly requirements for one year.