undertake responsibility

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Al Mordaa will undertake responsibility of the rooms division through a team of 216 members including recreation, marina, housekeeping, front office and health & safety departments.
ome forward and undertake responsibility for the funeral.
The parish council cannot undertake responsibility for the welfare of the tree.
appointing established financial institutions as sponsors to undertake responsibility for compliance assurance or resolution of any client issue if a FinTech test does not perform as expected.
The new militia would undertake responsibility for maintaining order and security in the Palestinian districts of East Jerusalem, and a commitment to prevent the continuation of terror attacks from the districts under their authority.
We waste our petrol, time and money on them, so much so where there is no guarantee of life we are asked to undertake responsibility.
He added: "An immediate response which all drivers can undertake responsibility for is to take #bethspledge: indicate left and slow down to 20mph at the junction.
Its mission in addition to other national duties shall be to protect the Peace Agreement; defend the Transitional Federal Constitution of the Federal Republic of South Sudan; protect the people of South Sudan; secure the territorial integrity of South Sudan; undertake responsibility for the defence of South Sudan against external threats and aggressions.
To ensure that its compressed air installation was fully protected and operating at optimum performance, Kolak Snack Foods also entered into a 10-year Total Care agreement for compressor system maintenance and servicing with Atlas Copco who undertake responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the installation's performance.
An official of Zayed Housing Programme, who preferred not to be named, explained that the programme does not undertake responsibility for construction faults, pointing out that the villa has been lived in for a year, and the owner, as well as the construction consultant, approved the house as fit for dwelling.
EAC President Harris Thrassou said the authority was working in close cooperation with the insurance companies, noting that the company responsible for Unit Five has already informed the EAC that it will undertake responsibility for its restoration, which is estimated at e1/4125m.
Somebody should undertake responsibility, but there are so few people taking responsibility, and this number should rise," Yervant said.