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He added that anti-dumping measures may be a more effective deterrent to undervaluation and import surges than the so-called safeguard measures that are being proposed by other groups.
With alleged import undervaluation, the FFF has warned that "tariff collections may not breach the P10 billion threshold, or the excess may be too small to provide any meaningful assistance to affected farmers."
Undervaluation occurs when the government purchases $10 for every $100 imports purchased by the public, bumping up the price of the dollar by adding to the demand.
Tobiko has also sought investigations into the possible loss of Sh3.5 billion revenue resulting from gross undervaluation of forest plantations in the 2015/16 financial year.
"The difference between the actual spread of 485 bps on Lebanon's Eurobonds and the Goldman Sachs' model-implied spread of 376 bps shows that the undervaluation is at 109 bps," the report said.
The undervaluation within the eurozone has its roots in the inflationary credit bubble triggered by the announcement and implementation of the euro in southern Europe after the Madrid Summit of 1995, which brought with it drastic interest-rate cuts in these economies.
The total loss due to undervaluation is reported to be in the region of ` 75,000 crore.
After announcing in September that it was looking for a buyer, it received only one formal bid, from Fairfax, but the $4.7bn offer was widely seen as an undervaluation of the company.
For expensive co-op buildings, in particular, this results in dramatic undervaluation because, for these very valuable properties, comparable rental buildings simply do not exist.
Severn Trent, water supplier to over 4.2 million homes and businesses in the Midlands and mid-Wales has rejected a buyout offer from a group of international funds citing undervaluation of the firm.
Despite high oil prices and substantial growth in the net worth of Russia's citizens, undervaluation of the local stock market is at a record, since the equity space is dominated by foreign players, who currently seem very cautious.
Four Haryana deputy commissioners conducted inquiry into the deals after Khemka's order and gave a clean chit to Vadra saying that there was no "undervaluation" or loss of revenue to the government in the land deals involving him in the state.