underworld activity

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But as viewers have seen throughout its five-week run, Mr Godman's increasingly questionable decisions have drawn him deeper into the maze of murky underworld activity, leaving him in a highly precarious position.
Working for Christy and the cartel is an ambitious hoodlum, Gary Hutch, who has the type of criminal pedigree that only comes from generations of underworld activity.
Karl soon gets involved in cross-cultural underworld activity involving an illicit auto mechanic's shop and, eventually, a shady operation in which his younger brother is set up and horribly beaten.
The trappings of his underworld activity allowed him to move from a modest pounds 170,000 house in Widnes to a 14-acre, pounds 1.
The movie - like Ritchie's classic Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels - examines violent underworld activity.
It's an underworld activity and it's well known that bets are made on the results.
He said community leaders were keen to work at getting criminals to turn away from underworld activity.
One reason is Shaphash's lack of underworld activity in the preceding text.
POLICE are increasingly turning to informants to help solve crimes and gather information about underworld activity.
Most of all, he owes it to our young - who might otherwise go into crack-dealing, politics or some other underworld activity - to give them a reason to choose the right side of the law.
In a new four-part drama, The Stretch, Grantham plays career criminal Terry Green, a villain who keeps his underworld activity secret from his wife Sam, played by 50-year-old Anita.
We have no information on Ruby that is firm, although there are some rumours of underworld activity in Chicago," Hoover wrote.