underworld character

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Returning to Sky 1 next year, the show will catch up with DI Clayton in Hong Kong as he hunts for answers about his "lucky" charm and comes up against more than one nasty underworld character.
In sum, De Lima said Aguirre, with the help of his subordinates Calida and Acosta, and even aided by a 'shady and underworld character such as Sandra Cam,' fabricated charges against De Lima to fulfill the whims of their ultimate superior President Rodrigo Duterte.
While rituals of tendance and aversion seem mutually exclusive, Harrison examines several Olympian festivals and finds connected to them ceremonies that "have little or nothing to do with the particular Olympian to whom they are supposed to be addressed; that they are not in the main rites of burnt-sacrifice, of joy and feasting and agonistic contests, but rites of a gloomy underworld character, connected mainly with purification and the worship of ghosts.
The informer, allegedly, had been asked to make the purchase by an underworld character, who was serving a prison sentence, and encouraged to do so by YKAN, which presumably wanted to catch the trafficking gang.
Rourke plays Whiplash, a Russian underworld character who takes on Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man.
The Londoner was the first and only underworld character to be rewarded with no jail time at all for informing on his mates who landed a total of 414 years behind bars between them.
Or maybe it could be some nefarious underworld character bristling with fury at being exposed in the National Newspaper of Wales?
The Beat That My Heart Skipped" is a cocky French remake of James Toback's 1978 cult underworld character study "Fingers" that stands reasonably well on its own as an urgent, updated genre meditation on nurture vs.
One shady Merseyside underworld character is a "long-haul private hire taxi" who, for a large fee, will pick up the families of fugitives on the run from their home and drive them door-to-door, country-to-country, to see their loved one, making sure they are not followed or traced.