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Underwriting as a top priority for driving expansion and profits (66%)
ISO HomeValue's latest release enables underwriters to invoke AIR's catastrophe models to generate a catastrophe risk analysis of the individual property at the point of underwriting.
The Board previously has determined by regulation or order that extending credit and engaging in activities related to extending credit; arranging real estate equity financing; acquiring debt in default; leasing personal or real property; financial and investment advisory activities; securities brokerage, riskless principal, private placement, futures commission merchant, and other agency transactional services; investing and trading as principal; buying and selling bullion and related activities; data processing; bank-eligible securities underwriting and dealing; and acting as a digital certification authority, are closely related to banking for purposes of section 4(c)(8) of the BHC Act.
In today's competitive environment, insurance carriers face tremendous pressure to move faster and more efficiently in their underwriting operations to capture new revenue, and improve profitability and operational efficiency," said Bill Sinn, director of Solutions Marketing, Insurance Practice for Group 1 Software.
Other finalists for the E-Fusion Award for Underwriting and Pricing were:
The Board previously has determined that credit and credit-related activities; financial and investment advisory activities; securities brokerage, riskless principal, private placement, and other agency transactional activities; underwriting and dealing in bank-eligible securities; investing and trading activities; and buying and selling bullion and related activities are all closely related to banking within the meaning of section 4(c)(8) of the BHC Act.
Underwriting results have been stable, as evidenced by a five-year average combined ratio of 107, but overall operating performance has deteriorated, due to continued loss reserve development and reduced investment returns, producing a modest five-year pretax return on revenue of 5 percent, compared to the reinsurance sector's 15 percent return.
With the availability of BlitzDocs Connector for Radian, our customers can send imaged loan folders to Radian, greatly increasing underwriting efficiency.
If the law of large numbers exists and the primary concern of underwriting is profitability, underwriting should be conducted as a scientific discipline.
In addition to requiring that the transaction be on market terms, section 23B specifically prohibits a bank from purchasing any security for which a section 20 affiliate is a principal underwriter during the existence of the underwriting or selling syndicate unless such a purchase has been approved by a majority of the bank's board of directors who are not officers of any bank or any affiliate.
In commercial lines, there's not only an issue of whether a policy is acceptable, but there's also a pricing component to commercial lines underwriting that's equally important," said Helmut Tissler, director of e-commerce.
PolicyCenter is a key enabler of our efforts to deepen our agency relationships and to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our underwriting operations," said John Golden, chief information officer, CNA.

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