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To remain profitable in the current environment, insurers must focus both on how underwriters manage their day-to-day underwriting activities and develop books of business.
Delegated lenders first work on receiving initial underwriting authority for loans from Freddie Mac.
The book therefore deals extensively with the "how" of underwriting, in other words the practical, day-to-day application of the body of knowledge you bring to the process.
Greystone met Fannie Mae's criteria for the small loan facilitator as an existing Fannie Mae DUS[TM] lender who has specifically targeted resources to the origination, underwriting and servicing of small loans, and who has a proven track record of delivering small loans to Fannie Mae.
Most insurers are looking to participate in this exposure through both underwriting disciplines and premium sharing; the overriding concerns here are the credit risk of captives and the reinsurance receivables to which fronting carriers are exposes.
In effect, Ledbetter says, "ADM could not bribe the News-Hour into ignoring the ADM scandal altogether, but its underwriting serves to narrow and contain the parameters of discussion on public television."
It was underwriting like this that earned PBS the tag "Petroleum Broadcasting Service." The Schmerz legacy lives on in the form of those 30-second "underwriter-ID spots" which made an end run around PBS's "no advertising" rule and now punctuate most programs.
This creates a larger return on an insurer's invested assets, and allows the company to continue or improve net operating results with less contribution from the underwriting of insurance.
"They want to find ways to improve their combined operating ratios by three or four percentage points." While it is hard to affect broker acquisition costs, the areas they can actually shift in a meaningful way are their front-line underwriting expenses and their loss ratios, which is where Cytora can help, Hartley said.
The public underwriting of local government bonds shall follow the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, and strictly abide by the relevant provisions on the issuance and management of local government bonds.
Underwriting losses have accelerated with the segment statutory combined ratio rising to approximately 109% for the latest year.

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