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He goes on to say that the price system is undesigned and not intended to fulfill the various purposes that it actually serves.
However, he remarks, "was planlos ist geschehn, / Weitsehend, planvoll mir zusammenknupfen" ["Now all these things that undesigned have happened / They will combine into a great design"] (1.4.171-72, Lamport 329).
1979) (defining an accident as an "unexpected, unforeseen and undesigned happening").
There is a methodical pace, a stillness, a bleak, spare landscape whose brown and frozen palate is so undesigned it deconstructs the very idea that you are in a movie.
Sharjah Police said the fatalities were caused by "excessive speeding and crossing from undesigned areas."
That this sanguine but sketchy plan was the best Skinner could offer means that his case for a utopia designed and run by a Gnostic elite ultimately rested on a single flimsy reed--the fact that undesigned and unmanaged societies often fail.
The Catallaxy chapter might be one of the single best pieces ever written on the nature of the market as an undesigned order.
He could, in this way, argue that freedom is actually precluded by planning and predicated upon an extended order of economic cooperation that is for the most part spontaneous and undesigned. But if the conclusion he drew was stronger, the argument he used was not.
As the Mathis court explained: "Performance of [the] contract according to the terms specified therein was within [the insured contractor's] control and management and its failure to perform cannot be described as an undesigned or unexpected event." (12) B.
They defined an accident as an "unexpected, unforeseen, or undesigned" event.
From this point of view, there may clearly be a major difference between the effects of a superficially similar price rise, according as it is an undesigned and largely unforeseen effect of such impersonal events as the discovery of gold, or a designed result of deliberative policy action by a public body."