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1979) (defining an accident as an "unexpected, unforeseen and undesigned happening").
As the Mathis court explained: "Performance of [the] contract according to the terms specified therein was within [the insured contractor's] control and management and its failure to perform cannot be described as an undesigned or unexpected event.
From this point of view, there may clearly be a major difference between the effects of a superficially similar price rise, according as it is an undesigned and largely unforeseen effect of such impersonal events as the discovery of gold, or a designed result of deliberative policy action by a public body.
The generic products are plain and undesigned apart from the very simple but oh so stylish Ms.
In the first instance, the capital of an economy is embodied in a largely undesigned network of capital combinations of individual capital goods and human resources.
but there are so many points of undesigned coincidence, that a feeling of awe settles on my mind when I contemplate the 'Crystal Palace' and the objects of its erection.
We wrestled with these in a number of contemporary projects, but here we can address them in a more pure and fundamentally undesigned way.
The Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeal and affirmed the trial court, because an accident is "an unexpected, unforeseen, or undesigned happening or consequence from either a known or unknown cause.
This Part examines the consequences of contingent constitutionalism, which despite its undesigned origins, has significant benefits as well as detriments.
Today's conservatives, Hayek argued, "lack the courage to welcome the same undesigned change from which new tools of human endeavors will emerge.
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