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For example, most of the men came out very strongly about the undesirability of violence, especially intimate partner violence, within relationships and families.
Through these images, Sidhwa is determined to establish the undesirability of Partition.
8) These ideas represent modes of understanding or producing space based on the contrast between circulation thought of as a life-health-desirable conjunction, and congestion equated with death, disease and undesirability.
The first strategy to produce de-crystallization was developed over 16 years, and it was marked by a symbolic, opening event, and by a final one, which clear shows the undesirability of certain options.
While much of that intervention was counterproductive, the absence of clear ways to reduce imports economically indicates the undesirability of independence.
The style is not really very desirable these days but the condition is wonderful and despite its undesirability, the pristine, well-cared-for condition will help to find a new home for it when sold at auction as it is in shop-ready condition.
Along with Dewey's (awkwardly titled) essay "X-ings," the history of Happenings can be seen as proposing the ultimate impossibility or, more trenchantly, the plain undesirability of art.
Yet there are many good reasons not to intervene militarily - including the undesirability of doing so again so soon after NATO's intervention in Libya, which would create the impression that such actions are becoming routine.
Iran will have to discount its crude to compensate for the undesirability and political risk attached to it," Samuel Ciszuk, a consultant at KBC energy economics, added.
Strauss lodges two main objections to originalism--the undesirability objection and the impossibility objection.
Curiously enough the undesirability of parliamentary elections being influenced by tax-eating public officials was recognized more than two centuries ago.
By limiting their message to the undesirability of violence, they gloss over, according to the author, the long history of nonviolent struggle in Palestine.