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I want to bring to your notice the undesirability of schoolchildren carrying heavy school bags.
This effeminacy equates to weakness and undesirability, as reflected by the rarity of Asian male actors in U.S.
(1) These assumptions contribute to myths and misconceptions associating obesity with "ugliness, sexlessness, undesirability and moral failings such as lack of self-control, social irresponsibility, ineptitude and laziness across cultures and borders" and increase weight bias in our society (ref.21, p.
After commenting on radio about the undesirability of having Romanian neighbours, Nigel Farage put his racism down to being "sort of completely tired out".
They then proceed to cover the current labor shortage in areas of China, the rule of industrial transfer, the expansion of domestic demand, the high savings ratio, the proportion of labor compensation, the wage gap between urban and rural areas, the undesirability of a minimum wage law, the demographic "dividend," possible tax reform, and possible measures to prevent a financial crisis.
Other Discretionary Factors: Here the court considered the delay in the plaintiffs' action, the maintenance of the status quo and the undesirability of a mandatory order against Lady Hillary.
But Bouchard quotes a British judge's reaction to a similar argument: "I'm not impressed by arguments based on the practical undesirability of upsetting foreign regimes which may resort to torture."
A potential key to solving the problem of work undesirability in the poultry industry may rest on the direction that labour organizing takes in the future.
Johns revises accepted assumptions about the undesirability of shabbily dressed and inebriated Canadians, whose rowdy behaviours were a nuisance to the residents of St.
Most men came out very clearly about the undesirability of violence in any form.
Sorensen, it's up to you," said he, by which I fully understood he meant I must change my judgment on the undesirability of Pakistan.
In particular, his discussion indicates the fuzziness of all terminology, and, thus, Klein is too sure about the undesirability or desirability of different concepts.