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Many of the men generally understood the risks and undesirability of multiple sexual partnerships and that they do not need to have many partners to prove their manhood.
The nature and undesirability of economic effects are even less clear.
Moreover, as elaborated by Rodenbeck, the history of Happenings can be seen as proposing the ultimate impossibility or, more trenchantly, the plain undesirability of art.
ICE's primary justification for focusing on criminal aliens is thus that limited resources require it to target noncitizens who have come into contact with criminal law enforcement because targeting this group will permit ICE to weed out those individuals most threatening to national security or public safety, and will capture relevant characteristics of un-belonging and undesirability so as to focus limited resources.
CLCI also answers part of the undesirability objection--that originalism would produce unacceptable results--because CLCI permits the introduction of contemporary values necessary to update or "modernize" the law.
Tacit knowledge often resides below the surface of a person's awareness--only a small amount of a person's knowledge is above the surface, visible, explicit, and easily codifiable; the rest is below the surface and is not codified for various reasons--inability, inattention, undesirability.
The author ensures that child readers will be aware of the undesirability of this ambition by frequently issuing stem warnings, reinforced with appropriate Bible verses, about the dire effect Jack's 'unnatural desire for revenge' has on him.
When a user prints to a "red" or "yellow" printer, and a "green" printer is available, Advisor pops up with a message highlighting the undesirability of the selected printer and the savings possible if the job is transferred to a "green" printer.
Coupland (2007) concludes that advertising messages effectively convey the undesirability of signs of age and communicate to consumers that they must either assume the responsibility of staying young looking or must disguise physical aging.
it will save time', 'it will hurt others'), weighted by evaluations of the desirability or undesirability of those consequences (e.
The response of the administration to issue ration cards from their native village rather than Raup village where they are settled now exposes the inability and undesirability of administration to admit their claim on land as a matter of right.
The undesirability of such a result motivated many employers to struggle hard to muster good arguments that, certain drafting weaknesses aside, the arrangement in question did comply with 409A.