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Later Crane's poetic philosophy will "distill" the essence of the aquatic metaphor, as in To the Cloud Juggler--In Memoriam: Harry Crosby (in the sequence Key West: An island sheaf, see infra) water emerges as unconquerable: life must be "[l]ike water, undestroyed,- like mist, unburned.
Human being, an organism-as a whole-in an environment cannot survive in the absence of an undestroyed natural environment and Korzybski knew it.
He pointed out that the executive council of the OPCW in its 78 session, which had concluded recently, indicated that a progress has been achieved in Syria, with only 2% of the chemical materials left undestroyed, in addition to destroying three out of 12 Syrian sites used for producing chemical weapons.
In the network survivability lifecycle, normal phase is a healthy and undestroyed stage; resistance phase is a degradation stage of network performance after attacks, failures, or accidents; destroyed phase is a bottom stage in which network performance lies at the lowest level; recovery phase is a rising stage of network performance since survivability mechanism runs; adaptation and evolution phase is a self-adaptation stage of network with the implementation of adaptation policies.
The good news for the lovers of Tulum's tranquil, mesmerizing atmosphere is that its eco-vibe remains undestroyed.
Swimming or wading, in some cases using the footbridges which the enemy had left undestroyed, they passed the canal west and north of Bellenglise, swarmed up the farther wall, and took the German trenches on the far bank.
Even if anonymization could not shield the identity of donors, (517) the analysis in Part V demonstrates that undestroyed samples, even if identified and even if coded, pose no threat to the privacy of donors.
Unfortunately only a few part of the complex has remained undestroyed.
Verran sacrifices himself, and while his life is not spared, his body is undestroyed by the flames, as "God the flaming mass did stay.
The specimens remained undestroyed after 28 freeze-thaw cycles and the weight loss was only 0.
By the end of his novel, Maxwell is still wondering if Cletus survived his own fate as a murderer's child, "whether," to quote Maxwell a final time, "all that finally began to seem less real, more like something he dreamed, so that instead of being stuck there he could go on and by the grace of God lead his own life, undestroyed by what was not his doing.
Expressions (5) and (7) allow making calculations of stress and number of undestroyed fibres under the conditions of composite material deformation, when two processes of fibre destruction take place due to stretching and bending.