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But the tendency to rapid sinking in this substance was in the present instance materially counteracted by the other parts of the head remaining undetached from it, so that it sank very slowly and deliberately indeed, affording Queequeg a fair chance for performing his agile obstetrics on the run, as you may say.
Therefore, this method needed to clarify the composition of undetached microbes associated with rumen particles [4] and confirm variations in non-renal and endogenous purine losses.
It could mean collection of undetached rabbit parts, or 'Lo Rabbit hood again, or 'It rabbiteth,' analogous to 'it raineth.
An undetached strip of the external oblique aponeurosis gives replacement to the absent aponeurotic element in the posterior wall and the additional muscle strength is given by the external oblique muscle to keep it physiologically active.
1] calf by forced traction leading to irritation and severe straining added with presence of undetached portion of the foetal membrane in vagina.
According to the data (Figure 3), the amount of undetached micropatterns increased along with an increase in silanization time up to 1.
19] final visual acuity negatively correlated with height of the detachment at the central fovea and distance from the central fovea to the nearest undetached retina.
22) Animals are not denied language, but rather are said to inhabit and express the voice of their species with undetached immediacy, whereas the human has no natural voice, but rather, language speaks through him, acquired and mediating, hollowing a void that constitutes him through silence.
The technical modification is based on a renal pelvis flap kept undetached from the ureteropelvic junction, and consequently from the ureter, until near completion of the new ureteropelvic anastomosis.
The main limitation in regard to the efficacy of this imaging modality is the detection of an undetached chondral lesion.
Such undetached residual films were barely observable in the ejected ABS micropart.