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Last year, a man who breached the perimeter at the Palace was apprehended after going undetected for over four hours.
Since 2000, the unit -- under the codename Operation Moscow - has been researching undetected serious crimes across South Wales dating back many decades.
undetected and attempt to carry out terrorist attacks.
According to him, TB patients in the province actually total 70,000 suggesting that the health department has to do a lot to reach the undetected patients.
This shows that there are undetected leprosy cases, especially in areas which are not reached by the general health service for various reasons.
Undetected blood loss continues to be a significant risk during surgery and recovery and current approaches are either too invasive or lacking precision and early predictive capability for blood loss and intervention.
Balanga City, Bataan -- Recent robberies in this province have alarmed residents by the way burglars have broken in and out of houses and commercial establishments undetected.
bed the object undetected the manner to which she is accustomed the
As a result, an estimated 15 percent of pre-school children have an undetected vision problem.
One serious operational problem stood in the way: the Army's SOF helicopters lacked the night navigation capability to bring them to the targets at very low level and undetected. The Air Force SOF's MH-53J Pave Low helicopters and their crews, however, had more than enough ability to reach the radar stations undetected by flying at less than 50 feet above ground and using terrain following tactics.
Students often return from summer vacation with undetected cases of head lice.
Summary: Horse meat could have been in beef burgers for years but remained undetected because of insufficient food regulation, it was claimed.