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During the day on 1 February, positioned 3km north of LPR-controlled Pervomaisk (58km west of Luhansk), the SMM heard 25 undetermined explosions and ten shots of IFV (BMP-2) cannon fire, all 7-8km south-west (assessed as outside the Zolote disengagement area).
This summary of waterborne disease outbreaks associated with environmental or undetermined exposure to water features a range of etiologic agents and illustrates that human illness can result from interaction with contaminated water in numerous settings.
On the other hand, Vladimir Bozinovski from the Institute for Political Research says that many undetermined voters appear between elections whereas Bujar Osmani, BDI spokesman, said that the electoral campaigns are the stimulus to attract the undetermined.
In fact, he claims, the agent exercises more control over the decision if it is undetermined, in the right kind of way, than she would were the decision determined.
Among infants less than one year of age, 91% of deaths were undetermined manner deaths and 9% were homicides.
He said GE would fill customer orders at 60% of historical levels for an undetermined period.
The first book, scheduled for next year, would be about politics, the children's book about his own childhood and the third topic was undetermined.
Included in the 4,900 missile buy for the Air Force is a yet undetermined number of extended range JASSMs, or JASSM-ER.
At some undetermined time during this 9,000-year interval, a few of the vector species became adapted to the thatched roof and other features of the region's human dwellings and initiated the independent domestic cycle involving only humans and their domesticated animals.
A preliminary investigation determined that about 100 of the boxes came from the governor's office, and the rest originated from other, undetermined state agencies, according to a spokesman.
On this nontraditional account of free will, we retain self-authorship by virtue of freely deciding to initiate an undetermined "value experiment.