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While including drilling rights on an estimated 53,000 net acres that are undeveloped and prospective for the deep Utica, the deal expands EQTs core undeveloped Marcellus acreage by 29%.
Summary: The Global Potential of Undeveloped Discoveries
The massive undeveloped resources of the Middle East (367 billion boe) lead the way," noted Highton.
Prince Khaled Al-Faisal on Saturday emphasized the need to develop undeveloped Makkah districts by providing them with full-fledged health, cultural and social facilities and services to improve the lives of their residents.
Natural resource company US Energy Corp (Nasdaq:USEG) reported on Thursday the completion of the sale of an undivided 75% of its undeveloped Zavanna LLC leasehold interests in McKenzie County, North Dakota for USD16.
2 : having few large industries and a simple economic system <an undeveloped country>
This unique 'win-win' situation will allow the general public to enjoy the undeveloped space for years to come," said Jeffrey Herz, of Cullen and Dykman.
In the book, Perkins recounts a decade-long career in which he traveled to undeveloped countries and estimated how much economic growth would occur if modern electric power plants and transmission lines were built there--with foreign-aid money.
A The higher-powered post-9/11 security scanners used for carry-on baggage generally have no effect on undeveloped film under ASA/ISO 800--unless it passes through more than five times.
An undeveloped parcel of land in Florida in 1976, which they owned through 1996.
The party grew out of the 'Ili'oulaokani Coalition, a grass-roots environmental watchdog group that Takamine and other hula masters founded in 1997 after they forced state lawmakers to withdraw a bill that would have legislated out of existence dancers' rights to gather necessary hula materials--flowers, gourds, tree stumps for drumming--on undeveloped private property.